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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OOTD: For the Love of the Nudes

My body clock's been messed up for the past week. How messed up? I mean crazy messed up! Sleeping in till 5pm, staying awake till 6 or sometimes 8 am...and the cycle continues. So with my will to change it, I forced myself to stay up for a full day. To distract myself, I accompanied my brother, Kyle and my mum to Greenhills at 10am as they stopped by to buy his new XBOX which Kyle's been pining for for months

I also kept  myself alert via tweeting with a couple of vloggers/bloggers (you guys know who you are!) and after awhile decided to make my very important stop to one of my favorite milk tea places in the area... 


With my Milk Tea with Oreo :) Blurry pic taken with my BB.

Thanks to SAY for raving about the Oreo Milk tea which gave me the push to finally try it! It tasted delicious, but I still prefer my Green tea with rocksalt and cheese. So readers, if you love milk tea/cocoa and the like; it's about high time that you get your butt to Happy Lemon and try their drinks out. There are a lot of varieties in their drinks with a modern twist (adding pudding, pearls...even taro) to spice things up. Their only branch as far as I know is located by the entrance of Promenade beside Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Greenhills, San Juan.

And as far as outfits go, it was still pretty hot for me so I opted for shorts, a tank, sleeveless shrug like cami, some platforms and just a bunch of accessories. I also didn't feel like wearing my contacts that day since my eyes were way tired.

Outfit of the Day:
White tank top- Abercrombie & Fitch; Brown shurg/cami- a birthday gift; Khaki shorts- Forever21
Baby pink wedges- SM Parisian; Gold Watch: Anne Klein; Gold Necklace: Vintage; Sterling silver locket; Assumption logo; Rabbit Pendant; JC Jewelry in Hongkong; Gold hoop earrings; Vente; G;asses- Bebe

My "Paparazzi shot" haha

A close up on my SM Parisian wedges

A close up on my bangles

Accessories: Beaded bracelet- Subic; Gold bracelets- my baby bracelets; Wooden bangles; Boracay
Sterling silver Assumption locket- gift from my my mum; Gold watch- Anne Klein- Gold necklace w/ orange/black/diamond pendant- vintage; Gold hoop earrings- Vente (not in picture)

 Make-up and tools used

Here are just a few more pictures taken with a point and shoot. Somehow my lippie is seen better in these pics.

So that's it folks! That's all that happened to me today. Pretty boring, but less taxing than my previous days. I hope you guys had a stress free day too <3

With love,

Cause darling when
I see you,
you see me.

Note: All photos were taken by my dad except for the point and shoot which is by my mommah.


  1. I like your style Trina=) My husband has a bad sleeping pattern too and it affected me. But it's getting better now=)

  2. lovely! nice choice of clothes! I can relate w/ the bodyclock thing. I might try staying up for a whole day too in order to adjust it lol :D

  3. I agree with you about the sleeping patterns. I actually go to sleep no every 3am and wake up at 10 am.. I feel so sluggish tuloy.. haha!

    Love the look! ^_^

    Much love!

    -- Alice

  4. i love the outfit girl! work it! :) stay pretty!


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  6. will definitely try that drink soon....
    nice outfit!....

  7. you look so classy in your nude outfit!
    fresh and charming!


  8. Awarded you! :)


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    I liked a lot this entry and your blog actually :) keep going doll !
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