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Monday, June 20, 2011

The one with the closet tour :)

I know I haven't blogged in FOREVER and I've concentrated more on my  YOUTUBE CHANNEL, but hopefully this entry makes up for the lack of my entires.

A lot of people have requested me to do a shoe collection video and I've been wanting to do that, but I don't really know how/where to start and what to start with!

So instead of doing a shoe collection, I'm gonna give you a CLOSET TOUR, without the specifics. It's a whole lot of messy, but I still hope you enjoy :) Yay!

Here's the closet outside my mini "walk-in" closet

This is what's inside of that closet: DRESSES!!!

Close up

The sliding door to my mini walk-in closet :) I love my Snellen's chart!

On the left is a customized "cub-board" where most of my bags are.
It's really messy, forgive.

Where my babies are; my cardigans and polos :)

Where my pants, jackets, scarves and shorts are

Scarves; one of my fave accessories

More scarves 

My jeans/pants

A clearer view :)

At the end is a shoe rack with a bunch of my shoes :)

First row: WEDGES (all are from SM Parisian)

The second row: Yellow platforms from American Eagle, Floral wedges and pink wedges
from SM Parisian

Third row: Tie up wedges from Celine, Beige wedges from Shanghai China, brown woven
slip-ons from India and stacked sandals from SM Parisian and Sole.

Fourth row: Beige ballet shoes with gold buckle form Parisian, Tory Burch red ballet flats,
Purple shoes with gold tips from Bankok, Brown, beige and black ballet shoes from
SM Parisian.

Last row: Beige flat tops from Cole Haan, Floral sneakers from Rubi, Slippers from
SM Parisian & Havaianas

*NOTE: You can buy this shoe rack from SM department stores.

I used a guitar stand for a bag stand :)) Red bag from H&M, Floral bag from Cotton On

Under my cardigan rack are three more cubbies with a bunch of other shoes! 
So messsssyyyyy rar!

My official shoe rack :)

One more!

First row: Brown gladiators from Go jane.com, Black heels from Steve Madden,
Brown heeled sandals from Charlotte Russe, Floral pointed heels from BCBG Girls

Second row: Beige pumps from Celine, Red pumps from Anne Klein New York, White
sling backs (I forgot from where), Black pumps from So Fab!

Third row: Brown open toed pumps (forgot from where), Army green open toed pumps
from Syrup, White patent open toed pumps from VNC, Red open toed pumps from

Last Row: BOOTS! L-R (Forever 21, Doc Martens, Celine, Ukay)
On the floor L-R (Ukay, Ukay, Esprit, People are people)

A bunch of my belts on the wall.

Favorite letters I stuck on the wall :)

Shoe space saver in my room

Note: My mum bought this in IKEA i think, although I'm sure DAISO has them too!

How to hang them with hooks.

There you go! If you have questions just comment down below! I know I didn't say a lot, but I hope the photos compensate for them :) More posts soon!

With love,

P.S. Here's a sneak peak of an upcoming SURPRISE for my youtubers ;) Yay! Still waiting for the others. Are you guys excited? :D I AM!

It's been a long year
since we last spoke
How's your halo?
Just between you and I
You and me and the satellites.



    =))) But I looove seeing your closet even though your shoes ate up half of it!

    Glad to see you blogging again!

  2. That's why I didn't know how to do the shoe collection video :)) Thanks Mitch, you influenced me as well ;) haha

  3. wow! so many shoes and bags! btw, curious lang ako.. all shoes na naka hang..pumps lahat? :)

  4. Jen, not all of them are pumps, but all of them are heels :)

  5. woah! your like an artista sa dami ng shoes and dress an bags mo, hihi

  6. Hello aringkingking! You're so funny :)) Your comment made me laugh! hahah

  7. whoa, that's a LOT! but good for you! hahaha! i love your scarves! what better way to put oomph in any plain outfit noh? :)

  8. what size feet mo? imma go steal one of your shoes! hehe. oh and the scarves, very cute. don't own any cos i dunno if id be able to pull them off. haha! btw, just followed you and knew your blog via your youtube! will anticipate for your next posts!

    much love,

  9. *Eena! Thanks :)) I really love scarves!

    *Gellie: Hahah I'm a 6 :) If my shoes go missing, I know who stole them na! hahaha. Awww thanks for the follow! I'll check out your blog too.


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