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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The one with the cousins

Family will always be my top priority. I'm very lucky to have one that I don't want to disown or rip into shreds because they drive me crazy. I love each and everyone of them to bits and pieces and I have the Big Guy to thank for that :)

Here are some of the photos of a random "photo walk" that my cousins and I did during one of our Sunday get-togethers (04.14.11) at Bonifacio, High Street:

Mei aka "Penny"
Incoming 2nd year college who is way mature for her age.

Isabel aka "Chababs"
Soccer chic, bookie, funny, and active
(It was her birthday celebration in Fridays)

 Mary Anne aka "Ats"
The eldest cousin who really is the Ate is all aspects.
She's 1/3 of the "Tres Gorge"
(Gorge came from Gorgeous! haha)

Sars aka "Teacher Sarah"
Everyone in the family calls us "twins". I guess we do have the
same personality. She's bubbly, talkative, and cries at the 
littlest things. Hahah love you twin ;)

Minds aka "Mindy-pie"
Future doctor, a bookie like me, very reserved, and quiet and someone you can depend on.
Another member of the "Tres Gorge"

This is my cousin Jeremy :) He's a special child, he has a syndrome called Trysomy 21 which is 
also known as Down Syndrome. He's very active, intelligent and very pilyo. Haha

More info on his syndrome: HERE.

The muscle man of the family, but also the softie.
Jui-juitsu gold medalist, Atenean, very passionate about
everything he loves to do.

And then there's me :)

Lover of everything and anything beautiful including YOU! :)
Also, the final member of "Tres Gorge"

Top: Cotton On, Shorts: Cotton On, Motorbike Jacket: Lahasa, Chain Necklace: Bought from a friend, See through Shades: "Raybans", Shoes: Parisian, Bag: Longchamp

The cousins weren't complete, and we missed those who weren't there. Here are a couple more pictures of us  :

All photos were taken by my very talented cousin 

Michael Lorenzana 
Artistic (he made this picture himself. Yes, it's just one person...him), funny, true to himself and loving

Which reminds me! Please please please click on this link HERE. He joined a photo contest and it would be awesome if you could help him out :)

That's it! I hope you all have an amazing day ;)

With love,

And if we have a moment why don't we go
talk about it somewhere only we know.
This could be the end of everything,
so why don't we go, 
somewhere only we know?


  1. its really cute! hey! I know this place.. you took this pics at High street right? I hang out there with my friends sometimes eh.. ^_^

  2. hurrah for the first post! love u girl! xox

  3. *Joyce- Hi, and thank you so much for stopping by and for the sweet comment :)

    *Alice- Thanks! :) Yup yup, it's in High street!

    *Charles- Woohoooooo! Thanks so much Charles! :) Coffee soon?

  4. Gorge* family, I wish I had cousins closer to my age, Im the eldest and most of em are younger than me. Its nice 2 know u treasure ur family so much. I like u even more Trina! Thank the "Big Guy" for meeting wonderful people like u on youtube. keep the posts coming and congrats on the new blog!

  5. *ER- Thanks ;) Awww thanks ER, that's really sweet of you. I really do appreciate your comment.

  6. yay!finally,wondering why u don't blog really, since i saw ur vlogs :)

    will be looking forward to your future posts.. :)

  7. love the photos plus your outfit!

  8. awwwww i love the photos and how you did their description... great shots and family ;D


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